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AX 2003 Photos
A coincidence...
Prince of Tennis Cosplay 1
Prince of Tennis Cosplay 2
Other Cosplayers Sighted
Other Cosplayers 2
More Cosplay

Welcome graphic

Greetings cosplayers and anime fans. I made the trip to Anime Expo 2003 in Anaheim and it was a blast. Here are some of my photos (some didn't turn out so well)... I hope you all enjoy!

Because the lab staff at the lab at Berkeley I have access to are all on vacation I was forced to throw this site up using tripod and their lame site builder. The formatting is all messed up... sorry! Hopefully some day the site will be better and expanded to include more stuff I find interesting.

My one costume was Taka from Prince of Tennis
I shoulda remembered my contacts though - Taka doesnt wear glasses. Oh well first time cosplaying...

Thanks for checking my page out
AX rocks